The price of Titus Andronicus Revenge caused by Titus and Tamora

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The price of Titus Andronicus Revenge caused by Titus and Tamora was death and destruction. This was a high price for Titus Andronicus, a noble Roman General against the Goths and Tamora, Queens of the Goths to pay for their deception; Tamora begged for mercy for her oldest son but to no avail, Titus wanted an” eye for an eye.” Titus felt this was just punishment for his sons whom were killed on the battle field. The Queen of the Goths was a prisoner of war as was to be punished for her crimes but the Empire showed her favor and made her his wife, empowering her to come and go as she please.

As revenge for Titus killing her oldest son, Tamora decides to seek her revenge on Titus’s daughter, Lavinia. She persuaded her two sons, Demetrius and Chiron to kill Lavinia’s husband then chopped off Lavinia’s hands; tied limb branches to her arms and cut out her tongue so she could not talk.

In the next act of Titus Andronicus Revenge, Tamora sent her man servant to set a trap to kill the Empire’s brother, blaming it on Titus’s sons. Titus offers everything he had to free them. He even cut off one of his hands but Tamara ‘s lover, the Moor delivered his sons “heads “to him in a box, Tamara said the Empire had keep her promise to return his sons to him. Tamara, who was pure evil, sent her boy child who belongs to the Moor to be killed; but he killed the servant and keeps the child.

Now everyone has gone total insane; Lavonia is wandering around without her hands and can’t talk and his two sons’ heads are in a box. The only sane person is Titus’s grandson who is about 10 and his brother.

It is time for Titus to be deceptive and play the part of being a friend to the Empire and his new wife. He lures Tamara’s sons to his home, cuts off their heads and bakes them in a pie to feed them to their Mother.

Titus hosts a banquet for the Empire and his wife; he then processed to present Tamara with homemade pie and tells her she is eating her sons for dinner. He kills his daughter because she has nothing left to live for because ‘Rape’ and” Murder” had taken everything she had and only left disgrace. Titus then cut Tamara throat, stabs the Empire and Saturnine, the Empires son kills Titus.

Revenge, hate and deceit never bring anything but unhappiness, in this play the person I felt the sorriest for was Lavinia, At first I felt sorry for Tamara but she was evil from the very beginning. Titus could have let her son live but he had to have revenge for the deaths of his son.

In the end the Moor’s son was spared because he admitted to all charges to save his son. He was buried in a hole with only his head left out as his punishment. Titus’s grandson picks up the child and walk out of the stadium.

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